How to roast with perfection

It all starts with the bean

Coffee beans equals coffee beans? As if! Each variety needs its own optimal roast. The roasting time and temperature define the beans and determine the taste profile of each cup of coffee. Lighter roasts bring a milder taste, darker roasts are more intense.
In order to achieve the best quality, we work with the traditional drum roasting process.

Here we come: drum roasting

The beans are heated slowly and evenly in a roasting drum. With this gentle, long roasting process, the aroma, taste nuances and appearance can unfold magnificently. It allows the coffee to be refined individually. The beans dismantle many undesirable bitter substances when gently roasted, which leads to the coffee being more digestible.

Long story short: It’s purely a matter of taste

The roast determines the taste of the coffee. We refine this variety-specific roasting in our mixing systems and thus fully bring out the varietal aroma. Only then are the individual coffee blends created. This extra step of work is worthwhile- as can be easily distinguishable by the quality of our coffee.