Mondberge - partnering with people and the environment

As a brand that's named after the Gorilla, we feel it's particularly important to help protect this fascinating species. In order to prevent the disappearance of this unique species, we believe it is essential to protect the last wild mountain gorilla populations around the legendary Mondberge, a high mountain range between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. It may be working, but there is still no guarantee of their survival, although the number of mountain gorillas has increased slightly in recent years. 

Working closely and on an equal footing with the benevolent local people of Uganda is the cornerstone of the Mountains of the Moon project. Since the project's inception in 2007, the initiators from Germany have provided targeted and meaningful nature and species conservation, as well as the creation and maintenance of social measures such as teacher training and the construction of schools. This development work directly benefits the people of Uganda and the environment.
As long-term partners of the Mountains of the Moon initiative, we support development work in the cultivation areas around the eponymous Ugandan mountains. Through our donations and the work of local initiators, we are supporting measures to ensure the long-term protection of the local mountain gorillas, as well as educational opportunities and the construction of infrastructure such as schools for the inhabitants of the region. To counter the effects of climate change and preserve the forests as a natural habitat for the gorillas, reforestation is also being carried out.

Planting trees

Trees are important for the climate - Mondberge's tree network of fast-growing conifers, fruit trees and indigenous species helps local people, protects the rainforest (and the gorillas) and offsets CO2 for us all. So far, more than 300,000 trees have been planted.

Supporting people

In a more sustainable world, children are our future. That is why the Mondberge project has been a catalyst for schools in Uganda, where children have had opportunities they would not otherwise have had. Teacher training, environmental and conservation education and community outreach are all part of the project.

Saving the mountain gorillas

Gorillas as a whole are at risk of extinction and are vulnerable to a range of threats. To prevent their disappearance, wild populations of each species must be conserved. This is a difficult challenge for mankind. The Initiative has been committed to this challenge for many years, working closely with the local population to provide support on the ground.
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