Gorilla Café Creme

A masterful blend of exquisite Arabica beans from the picturesque regions of Latin America, Asia and South America. With the elegance of flowers, the sweetness of berries and the smoothness of honey, this special blend takes your senses on an aromatic journey. Dive into the world of Café Creme, a coffee with a perfect equilibrium between a full-bodied flavour and a smooth roasting.

The full-bodied, smooth coffee

Fully automatic machine
Filter Coffee
Flavor profile
Floral, Berry, Honey, Mild
Both experienced coffee connoisseurs and newcomers will appreciate the subtle blend's medium intensity. Suitable for brewing in a fully automatic coffee machine or enjoyed as a fragrant drip coffee, Café Creme offers a familiar taste experience in both preparation methods.

Mild coffee pleasure

A smooth profile and pleasantly restrained acidity for a full coffee flavour.
Good coffee for everyone.
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