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Our family has been all about the best coffee for generations. In order to create the perfect premium coffee experience, we select the highest quality coffees from all over the world, which we then subject to meticulous quality controls throughout the entire refinement process. Before being blended, the beans are carefully cleaned and then roasted separately at 180-220°C for a maximum of 20 minutes. Premium coffees with a full-bodied, digestible flavour profile and a perfect crema are the result of this particularly gentle, prolonged roasting process.

In addition to taste, we focus on making sure our coffees are easy to prepare using the most common methods.
We are aware of our environmental and social responsibilities as a family business operating in the global coffee market. This is why we support the work of the Mondberge Initiative and its sustainability and social projects in some of the regions in which our coffees are grown.

In 1847, A. Joerges opened a wholesale business in Frankfurt am Main and began supplying his city with selected delicacies from all over the world.

Over the course of its eventful history, the company has been a survivor of wars and economic crises. The region has always been able to rely on "its Joerges", no matter how difficult the times.

In 1982, the Hühsam family assumed ownership of the company, which has been in business for almost 150 years. Heinz Hühsam had been a customer of A. Joerges for many years, being a grocer himself. At a time when the succession was unclear, he recognised the potential of the company. Buying the company meant that A. Joerges GmbH remained family-owned.
Heinz Hühsam focused the company on trading and roasting coffee. His vision was a simple one: to make the best coffee available to everyone - far beyond the region of Frankfurt am Main in Germany.

The company grew primarily through the distribution of "Minas Kaffee" and the catering brand "EffEff" in the following years. Andreas and Peter Hühsam took over the management of the company during this period.

In 2004, the family-owned company launched its own brand of coffee - Gorilla-Coffee - which is now well known all over Europe. At the same time, the Joerges coffee roasting company established itself as a specialist for private labels, which can also supply its customers at home and abroad with large quantities of coffee of the highest quality.

Eight years later, in Obertshausen near Frankfurt am Main, the company moved into new headquarters and a state-of-the-art production facility in 2012.
Some years ago, the "Gorilla Store" opened on this new site, transforming the former factory outlet into an exciting coffee destination. Alongside the main product, coffee, a select range of other products was added, including barbecue sauces and gin, and a range of merchandising apparel.

The Gorilla brand was not only rejuvenated in terms of personnel when the successors joined the management team. At the end of 2023, a comprehensive design relaunch of all Gorilla individual packaging took place. In recent years, the presence of the brand and its products in the retail sector has been further expanded. As a result of the intensification of marketing and sales activities, Gorilla-Coffee is being more and more recognised throughout Germany. As part of this process, the Joerges corporate brand has also been given a sharper brand image.

The motto "good coffee for everyone" has remained unchanged over the years.

The Team

  • Roman Hühsam
    Managing Director
    Tim Hühsam
    Managing Director
  • Andreas Hühsam
    Peter Hühsam
  • Jochem Kokkelkoren
  • Alexandr Beldnov
  • Sam Komaei
  • David Koppmeier
    Mesut Korkmaz
    Cecilia Hühsam
  • Hirra Nadim
    +49 (0) 61 04 / 6 00 52-00
    Hatun Gel
    +49 (0) 61 04 / 6 00 52-00
    Monique Hahn
    +49 (0) 61 04 / 6 00 52-00
  • Antonino Fraccica
    Vivijana Rao
Good coffee for everyone.
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Telephone: +49 (0) 61 04 / 6 00 52-00
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E-mail: info[at]kaffee-joerges.de
Gorilla Store
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09.00 - 15.00
Coffee service ends half an hour before closing time.
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